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Established in 1914,

we’ve got a century’s worth of experience today.

Established during British India, Ind Advertising is the second oldest advertising agency in India. It was founded in 1914 by Motilal Tribhovandas Desai, an English school teacher, in the heart of Bombay. Impassioned by the fire surrounding the struggle for Indian independence, he named it Ind Advertising to support the freedom movement. 


His son, Chandrakant Desai took over the reigns leading the company to becoming one of the top agencies of India. And today it is led by his son, Hemang Desai.

We’re a company that’s built on our experience and knowledge over the years. Our familial history and small size enables us to work in a much more personal and direct way with our clients. We provide our services with trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, promptness and efficiency.

Motilal Desai

Chandrakant Desai

Hemang Desai

We offer a wide range of services, broadly categorised within the following:

• Media Planning and Advertising in all media across India

• Graphic Designing

• Printing & Production

We believe in value creation of a brand, and we’ll help you get there. We are here to assist you, and provide support for all your communication needs.

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Advertising & Media Planning

Print &


We cater to the entire spectrum of newspapers and magazines- from large national and regional newspapers to industry specific magazines.

For your online requirements, we run website banner ads, email marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns, LinkedIn marketing and social media planning and design.


& Outdoor

In-store branding includes store signages, glow-sign boards, window, wall and door stickers, shelf talkers, display boards and panels, backlit display, standees, POPs, as well as stall display requirements for exhibitions.


Outdoor includes billboards, bus panels, bus shelters, taxis, rickshaws, mobile vans, trains, kiosks, look walkers, street marketing and more.

We also take care of advertising in airports and airlines such as on boarding passes, trolleys, bulk heads and backlit displays to name a few. 


Radio & Film

For television, we carefully select channels and advertising slots to fit your budget.

Radio is a fabulous medium to deliver messages to a large audience across both cities and towns, especially for launches and promotions.

We craft advertisements especially for shows in cinema halls - static and ad films including off screen branding such as banners, standees and displays in the premises of the Cinema Halls.

Graphic Design, Printing & Production 



All marketing collaterals material such as branding, packaging, leaflets, brochures, posters, banners, standees and product display stands - for both print and digital.

Print & Production

We execute quality printing of all marketing collaterals and supply throughout India.



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